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Webster-Rock Hill Ministries is an emergency social service organization with a three-fold mission (TEFAP is an Equal Opportunity Provider):

  • Provides emergency assistance to people in need
  • Works to create new life options for people
  • Seeks to improve community by breaking down barriers and promoting understanding between people

It helps member churches to fulfill their own missions.

In 2006, the Ministries served nearly 6,000 people in the Webster and Rock Hill areas through a variety of programs and services like food, clothing, medicines, etc.

5 thoughts on “Programs & Services”

  1. We have two sofas we would like to donate. One is a full size three-cushion sofa and the other is a two-cushion hide-a-bed. They are 30 years old but are both in good shape.

  2. I teach free food and nutrition classes to adults and children. I work for the University of Missouri-Extension. We are the same organization that 4-H is under. We also have a gardening curriculum for adults and children as well. If you are interested or need more information, please contact me via email or by calling our office at 314-652-9111. Thank you.

  3. I was given your organization name a few months ago…but pride kept me from contacting you. I lost my job last September and am working a part time job at the mall…needless to say the bills are stacking up…I keep holding out hope that each interview will turn into a full time job so I can get caught up on everything.But that hasn’t happened and my gas has been shut off today. I am not sure you can help me with this…but I thought I would try..or if you could head me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Carolyn

  4. I am a member of First Congregational Church of Webster Groves, whose annual auction was held on Saturday night. While our family is going through some difficult financial times right now, and my friend was going to sign up to send a child to your camp, I jokingly told her to send one of mine. Well, she did. Although we are residents of Rock Hill, they have never attended that camp and I know almost nothing about it. Could you send me some information via email? I don’t even know how I would get her back and forth…
    Chris von Weise
    314 348 5147

  5. I wanted to know about any back to school drives in the webster groves area. I have two children going to the high school and steger. Also I wanted to know about tutoring for them.

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